The problem. The debate.

Barbless or micro barbed hooks.

Suitable rods and lines.

Care when playing a tench.

We have a problem at Treowen with tench receiving mouth injuries from being hooked. We probably all agree that the old type full barbed hooks do far more damage when being removed and will not come free on its own. So a barbless hook will be extracted without any further damage and if a fish is hopelessly weeded, a slack line will encourage the hook to come detach itself. but some say they they do more harm than a micro barbed hook.

Of course a barbless hook in a lost fish will very soon come away whereas a barb will stop this happening.

I don’t necessarily follow all the reasons given for using micro barbed hooks this but the argument is still out there. Here are some pros and cons from anglers.


GRIPZ Wide Gape Hooks

A fine hook like Drennan Specialist made from a 0.75 mm dia’ wire ( size 8) will place slightly more pressure (force per sq mm) than say Choddy or Palatrux of say 0.92 mm wire. Not sufficient to make the difference we are concerned with here.

Small hooks will often not achieve sufficient penetration for a good and reliable hold.

My view is that I still cannot see how barbless hooks cause more damage than one with a micro barb, and the reason for the injuries is down to inappropriate rods and lines and careless anglers forcefully dragging a tench out of a weed bed.

Please have your say here via the ‘comments’ or come to the meeting.

We need to make some decisions at Monday’s meeting, among them will be rules or recommendations on :-

Barbless or micro barbed hooks.

Suitable rods, lines and hooks.

Responsibilities when playing a fish.

Review the limit of numbers fishing on our still waters.

How can we best communicate such matters to all our members who don’t use this web site?


One thought on “The problem. The debate.

  1. I am very pleased to say than in the last 18 months the situation has improved dramatically. Now very few tench show mouth injuries. The greatest improvement came after mid June when the rivers opened and pressure on the fish was much reduced. Why did the problem appear in the last couple of seasons? Our lakes became more popular with the increased exposure on social media. We ask our members to refrain from posting pictures on line and identifying the location of their captures where they take place on our society waters.
    Peter Hunt.
    Chairman, M & D A S.


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