River Monnow

The River Monnow can be a difficult but fun river to fish. There are a good number of wild brown trout as well as a population of grayling.

The Monnow by the Inglis Bridge on Vauxhall Fields.

For the coarse fisher there are a number of chub and roach as well as a number of large pike.

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The Vauxhall field stretch

Right bank from the lower boundary of Salts Lodge some 30m above the broken down weir at Forge Road, to the new flood relief works by the caravan park opposite the bus station (approximately 1250m).

Left bank from the lower boundary fence of Monmouth Castle grounds to a point below the new flood relief works behind the bus station wall (approximately 250m).

Vauxhall Fields can be accessed via the castle footbridge behind Iceland, a footbridge at the flood relief works opposite Drybridge Park, or from a track running from the Inglis Bridge at Osbaston to Watery Lane.

The Pwllholm Stretch
This section is MOD property and is accessed on foot by a gate marked MOD Property on Ancre Hill Lane  some 600m upstream of Salts Lodge (via field).

Note: Access & Car parking is difficult.

Note: River banks are designated Left and Right looking Downstream