River Trothy

The River Trothy is a nice looking small trout river than is lightly fished and very beautiful.  Our stretch is reserved for both fly and worm fishing.

3 km of right bank from the field below Jingle Street bridge up to Dingestow Bridge.

Plus 3.2 km of right bank from St Dingat’s Church at Dingestow to the orchard of Lower Llantrothy Farm.

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The best fishing spots

The river is quite challenging to fish as in most sections has quite steep banks and is quite overgrown.

The best fishing spots are just upstream of St Dingat’s Church (cleared in 2011) and at Lower Llantrothy Farm (cleared in 2012)


Access at Jingle Street: Leave Monmouth on the Wonastow Rd and travel for approx 2.5 miles. Jingle Street Bridge is on the left.

Continue past Jingle Street to Dingestow. At the tee junction turn right then right again to the Church car park. For access to Lower Llantrothy continue past church for 1 mile & turn right at top of brow behind white bungalow. Park just before farm entrance off the driveway. Pedestrian access is allowed through the farm.

Note: River banks are designated Left and Right looking Downstream