Fishing Rules and Byelaws

Monmouth and District Angling Society Rules as amended and agreed at the AGM on 20th November 2016



Rules 1 to 29 are constitutional rules and may be available to you upon individual request .

30.  All members shall be in possession of a current Environment Agency Licence  and shall carry the same with their membership card at all times and shall produce them both when requested by any bailiff employed  by National Resources Wales, or any member of the Society producing their own membership card.
Any person fishing on the Society’s waters who cannot produce a membership card shall be asked to purchase a day ticket or leave the water.
31. No member shall fish with more than TWO rods at a time nor use any hand line or net, other than a bona fide landing net.  No member should leave any rod unattended is such a manner as to leave a hook in the water.

32. Whilst members are fishing on all Society waters all fish captured shall be carefully and immediately return it to the water.
Any breach of this rule shall be deemed a Gross Breach of the rules under rule 23.
33. Baits permitted on waters controlled by the Society shall be those permitted by the National Resources Wales  Bye-laws except that:-
a). On the River Wye only artificial spinning, and natural fish dead baits shall be shall be five inches or more in length and used in conjunction with a wire trace. Natural fish baits shall be from frozen fish purchased for that purpose from a dealer or sea fish.  On any of the Societies waters Live baits must be from the water being fished and used on the same day.
b).   Maggots, casters or any other aquatic grub, larvae or pupae shall be prohibited on the River Troddi / Trothy.
c). On waters that have been designated as ‘Fly Only’  under rule 37, fishing during the period such as a designation is in force shall be with artificial flies only, dressed on hook sizes no larger than No 8 long shank, and the maximum number of flies at any one time is three.
34. Except for fishing on the river Wye ground baiting shall be restricted to loose feeding of hook bait samples only.
The use of feeders and bait droppers shall be permitted on the River Wye only.
No pre-baiting of any swims shall be permitted.
35. No vehicles shall be allowed on the banks of any waters controlled by the Society except for the purposes of fishery management activities authorised by the committee.
Any member fishing on the Society’s waters shall be allowed to fish from one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset. Night fishing or camping is not permitted.
36. No fire arms, shot guns, air-powered weapons, crossbows shall be carried by members engaged in angling. I.e. carrying or using fishing tackle on waters controlled by the Society.
37. The committee shall have the power to designate any water controlled by the Society as ‘Fly Only’. Such a designation shall be for the whole or part of the season open for trout fishing. Details of any waters  that have a differing designation from the preceding season shall be published on our web site or by email if possible.
38. Keep nets are not permitted on any of the Society’s waters.
39. The use of any portable music device must only be used with ear phones whilst

engaged in angling, i.e. whilst carrying or using fishing tackle on Society waters.
40. The leaving of any litter, line or shot on the banks of waters controlled by the Society shall be deemed a gross breach of the rules  and may be dealt with under rule 23.
41. Whilst any member is free to publish any catches made on Society waters the disclosure of the exact location is discouraged.
42. If at any time the Environment Agency or National Resources Wales issue any rules that may appear to contradict the rules of the Society, the Environment agency and National Resources Wales bye-laws shall be deemed to apply and the rules of the Society shall be amended at the first opportunity thereafter. ( Excluding rule 31.)