Treowen pools

Treowen House is about 4 miles south west of Monmouth (signed) midway between Jingle Street and Wonastow, just north of the A40 dual carriageway.

Address: Treowen, Wonastow, Monmouth. NP25 4DL

History of Treowen


Upper pool (Brick Kiln Pool)

Sometimes called the upper pool or Carp Lake, this holds carp up to 15-20 lbs, and lots of small rudd and some specimens in excess of two pounds for anybody setting out to catch them.

To get there, from Jingle Street to Dingestow road, take the concrete ‘road’ on the right at the hill top signed Treowen. Drive past Treowen House and park on the left at the far end of the parking area. A few yards further down the track cross into the field on your right.  You will see Brick Kiln Lake down the hill from here.

Treowen pools
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Small pool

The small pool holds some juvenile tench and the occasional carp averaging 5 to 6 lbs and small to medium sized rudd. It is seldom fished and there is only room for a couple of anglers. For the middle or small pool, take the same route into the field but head towards the small wood at ‘2 o’clock’  from the stile. You will find this pool just the other side of the copse. This is a ideal “beginner’s” water, easy to fish and usually usually providing very encouraging results.


We do not recommend that you park your car beside the road before Treowen House. It can become very muddy in the wet and impossible to drive out again.

Large lake

The Large Lake is the most remote. It holds mainly rudd, some roach and good tench and perch up to 3.5 lbs have been recorded. Occasionally large carp are seen but never caught, they will present a real challenge to anybody wanting to catch one.


To get there entails a kilometer or so walk with a section through the woods that can be difficult when carrying tackle.  It is accessed through a gate into the woods below the Carp Lake. Park in the same place and walk down the field past and to  the right of the Carp Lake. Follow the hedge down hill almost to the bottom and pass through the metal field gate on your left into the woods. Follow the footpath downhill through the woods crossing a small brook where the banks can be very slippery and boggy in places, until you arrive at the top end of the large lake.

The old alternative route to the Large Lake from beside the bridge at the bottom of the hill between Jingle Street and Wanastow is now impassable since forestry work in 2016 and is no longer not an authorised route.