Our Waters

River Wye
Approximately 1 km of coarse fishing on the Hadnock Road section of the River Wye, north of Monmouth. Also approximately 1 km both banks on the lower River Wye, ‘The Dukes Water’, fishable outside the salmon season. Coarse Fishing for Barbel, Chub and Grayling.
River Monnow
3 miles of fishing on the River Monnow.
A combination of fly fishing for Trout and Grayling as well as coarse fishing for Barbel,  Chub, Dace, Perch and Roach.
River Trothy
5 miles of fishing on the River Trothy.
This is currently Fly and Worm Fishing for Wild brown trout.
Treowen Lakes
Treowen Lakes consist of three pools stocked with coarse fish.
Trippenkennet Lake
Since 2012 we have leased some space on a non-exclusive basis at Trippenkennett Lakes.