Safety policy

Safety policy document. Version 1, 2016.

The Monmouth and District Angling Association Safety Policy.

The committee of M&DAS acknowledges that it has duty of care to its members and guests that fish our waters and will ensure as far as reasonably possible, their safety and well being whilst involved in special group activities and events.

Members and guests.

The M & DAS expects that all its members and guests engaged in normal angling activities on association waters, acting upon their own volition, alone or in a group, do so at their own risk. They will be expected to have adequate knowledge and experience to, act responsibly to look after their own welfare, or, if a parent or guardian, that of any vulnerable person accompanying them, and that they will act accordingly to ensure their  own safety and of that others in their charge, and take care of the environment and the  property of others.

They will take care to identify all hazards particularly :-

Electric fences and overhead electric cables.

Barbed wire and other fences, gates and stiles that may not be in good condition.

Slippery banks, ditches, undercut banks and deep water.

Underwater rocks, drop off points and trip hazards that may not be fully visible when wading.

Organised events or activities.

When involved in extra angling related activities or event organised by or in association with M & DAS a committee member will carry out a suitable risk assessment to bring to the notice of groups and their supervisors, any hazards and risks associated with the groups that the supervisors might not be aware of, and to take the necessary measures to minimise the risks to an acceptable minimum, for all involved.

A separate risk assessment will be carried out for every event.

Near Misses or Dangerous occurrences will be investigated by the committee.

When holding an ‘angling experience’ event on its own waters, where vulnerable persons are engaged in fishing, the risk assessment will first be carried out by their own group leaders and made available to us beforehand. We will cooperate in passing on any specialist knowledge that would assist the group’s own risk assessment. The group’s supervisors should then assume full responsibility for the safety, welfare, first aid and all the actions of the vulnerable persons under their control.

End of policy statement.


An Event is an activity organised by, or carried out by, a person or     persons on our waters, acting on behest of M & D A S that includes members and or non-members, that is not part of normal angling practices.