2022 Membership.

To date we only have about 45 memberships left for the 2022 season. When these are sold we will have reached the maximum of 200 members allowed in our constitution and no more will be available until next year. Please remember, no day memberships available from this year onwards.


Membership will be changing. Please keep your eye on these pages. As of August 2021, we reached the maximum number of members allowed by our constitution. No new memberships for 2021 will be sold. 2022 memberships will be available on December 1st 2021. Day memberships are no longer available.

Death on the Wye.

The water in the lower Wye has been green since early July. During the last few weeks I have measured the clarity of the water and found visibility to be down to 50 cms and occasionally, even less. When we consider that the water weed needs sunlight to grow, and that it is absolutely essential … More Death on the Wye.

Wye problems.

This hot weather combined with almost complete loss of water weed in the Wye is bad for the fish in our rivers. Do look for signs of fish in distress and inform us immediately. Sorry but we are sure you will understand that the fish come first.