A reminder about litter. All of our waters are fishable at the discretion of the land owners. We will not tolerate the leaving of litter, line or and rubbish behind on their land and our waters. People who do so bring our society and anglers generally into disrepute. If we identify any person who leaves any … More Litter.

It’s official. We can now fish in Wales. But not everyone.

It has been announced that people who live in Wales can now resume fishing in Wales but only to fish locally and if this is part of your local exercise. Don’t ask me what the definition of ‘locally’ is or if fishing falls within the definition of exercise. Look for clarification from Welsh government, police … More It’s official. We can now fish in Wales. But not everyone.

There is no government advice that says we must not go fishing. Below is the only semi official advice that I have found. Common sense says that social distancing or even isolation on the bank of a river or lake tens, if not hundreds, of metres from the nearest person whilst getting exercise, fresh air … More

Rule 44 amendment.

Treowen. Please note the amendment to rule 44 that is effective from Last Monday, 18th January. This allows 2 rods to be used on Brick Kiln Lake otherwise known as the Carp Lake. The single rod only part of the rule still applies to the other lakes.