Important Temporary Rule Changes. New society bylaws.

The following new temporary fishing rules were agreed at our June committee meeting and will take effect immediately.

All our waters.

Rule 30. Anglers found to be fishing on any of our waters without a day or season membership will no longer be asked to purchase a day ticket. Instead they will be asked to leave the water immediately.

Barbless hooks only to be used on all our waters. To aid bait retention specialist hooks for mounting dead baits can have a barb on one point only per treble hook.

Treowen Lakes only.

The well being of our fish and the environment is paramount.

Members fishing on the Treowen Lakes can only fish with one rod at a time.

No more than 4 members shall fish any one lake at one time.

These lakes are for season ticket members only to fish and are not available for day membership ticket holders.

Rods, lines and tackle must be suitable for the fish being caught. Fish must be played and handled with care.

Consideration to making these bylaws permanent will be addressed at the A G M in November.

Treowen lakes. Requests and recommendations.

We have to take action to reduce the numbers of tench found with serious injuries to their mouths.

Members must use appropriate tackle and tactics when when fishing here. The use of unsuitable rods, lines and methods, such as are more suited to river fishing for barbel or large carp, will be strongly deterred from doing so in future. Please read the relevant articles elsewhere on this website.

The owners of Treowen Estate have reminded us that the roads and land on the estate are private property. They have requested that members display some visible indication in their vehicles to show that they are parked there legitimately in the approved parking places only.

In 2020 we will be making suitable cards to place in a parked car but in the meantime we ask that members use their own initiative to this end.



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