You have to see this river to understand it. Almost throughout its length the Monnow it is a fast flowing, shallow river with riffles and pools between steep banks suiting trout and grayling more than coarse fish.  Our Pwllholm stretch is different because of the Osbaston weir. The weir was built at the end of … More Pwllholm.

Treowen tench.

About  15% of our tench in the large lake bear distinctive marks. This may be a ragged tail, fin or a scar. Sometimes symmetrical bill marks on each flank from a cormorant or goosander. Then there are the “freckled” ones with small red/orange spots in distinctive patterns. Occasionally there is a fish with a golden … More Treowen tench.

Rule 44 amendment.

Treowen. Please note the amendment to rule 44 that is effective from Last Monday, 18th January. This allows 2 rods to be used on Brick Kiln Lake otherwise known as the Carp Lake. The single rod only part of the rule still applies to the other lakes.  

Pallatrax Gripz.

Micro barbed hooks. Barbless hooks. Gripz hooks. Following a recommendation from an on line reader about Pallatrax Gripz hooks, I bought some and tried them out this week. From looking at the pictures, I must admit that, at first, I was very doubtful about the claims of their hook retaining capabilities. Instead of a barb these … More Pallatrax Gripz.

Important Temporary Rule Changes. New society bylaws.

The following new temporary fishing rules were agreed at our June committee meeting and will take effect immediately. All our waters. Rule 30. Anglers found to be fishing on any of our waters without a day or season membership will no longer be asked to purchase a day ticket. Instead they will be asked to … More Important Temporary Rule Changes. New society bylaws.