Treowen Little Lake.

There are three swims open on the little lake if they can be kept clear of weed. This lake is excellent for beginners and one swim is just wide enough for a young person and mentor.

There is a large head of very obliging rudd in this lake which grow to about one pound plus perch to 2 pounds There is quite a head of juvenile tench which have grown to about 1 pound in weight. Sweet corn is the best bait for tench and rudd and the boillies that work so well on the large lake are pretty much ingored by the tench in here. In the deeper two swims some good rudd and the occasional roach can be caught if you can get your bait down towards the bottom fast enough to elude the much smaller ones in the surface layers. Tecnch seem to like the shalloer water of a few feet under the rod tip.

A few medium sized carp, up to 6 lbs, live here and are hooked once in a while but seldom landed on the light tackle used for the smaller fish. This all makes for an ideal beginner’s water where success is guaranteed in the warmer months.

Angling badly needs new young people entering the sport and it is a good way to get them off their phones, (No signal here.) and learn some practical watercraft skills and gain some knowlege of the natural environment.

Tuition can be arranged free of charge.

The venue. Treowen little lake contains a good head of rudd, roach and tench.

Then the first cast watched by Phill Robinson

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