Every journey has to begin somewhere. Same for MADAS.

On the July 14th 1952 a meeting was held at the Bull Inn, Monmouth (now the Punch House) where four friends decided to form the Monmouth and District Angling Society.

There has always been some first class angling in the area, particularly for salmon, and local angling had become very much the preserve of those of a higher status. The declared aim of the newly formed angling society was to make good quality fishing available to local people at affordable prices.

Even in the face of competition from more wealthy organisations, our Society has remained true to its original intention,  for some 66 years later.

Today we offer first class course fishing on the river Wye, chub and barbel ing the main quarry, and also some trout and grayling fishing both on the Wye, Troddy and Monnow together with still water fishing on three lakes at Treowen.

In association with Building Bridges and ATIK, M & DAS has had some great success with local young disadvantaged people by removing them from their screens for a day whilst they learnt some new outdoor skills and pleasures during our ‘fishing experience days’ at local lakes. These have become regular events. Newcomers are always welcome. 

Anybody interested should contact us via our website. http://www.monmouthfishing.co.uk. where contact and membership details are also to be found.

We at M & D A S hope to encourage even more young people to join our sport and we will be offering some free free tuition to novices.

We would very much like to offer offer fishing to disabled people, particularly adults, or people that used to fish but have had to give it up due to a disability.  Most of our waters require a considerable treck across fields or down some very steep banks resulting in some excellent sport but large denied to those anglers with physical disabilities. However, with some investment and a lot of work, one place on the river Monnow could just possibly be made accessible. To this end we need to know how many physically disabled persons would be interested in fishing the river Monnow at Pwllholm above above Osbaston weir. This deeper and slower stretch of the Monnow river runs through a private, wild and peaceful area where other people are seldom seen but M & DAS members have an almost exclusive privilege to enjoy.

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