Lower Wye fishery. Dukes Water.

Please note that our lower Wye fishery is not open to coarse fishing during the salmon fishing season. This means we cannot fish here until October 18th.

MADAS do not own the fishing rights here and this is only a concession we have enjoyed for many years.

This includes from  ‘The Point’ on Jubilee Fields.

This is made perfectly clear on our website and rules. The owners have made it amply clear to MADAS that all anglers who coarse fish this stretch during the salmon season or at night will be considered as poachers and it they prove to be members of our society this may well result in our loosing the concession to fish here altogether and their own membership being withdrawn.

Two people have mentioned to me this week that they intend to or would like to fish here this week.

Mick. You left a wtong number on my answer machine today so I could not get back to you. TI at Monmouth was open today. Wye Angling is open today until and early tomorrow for purchase of day tickets. Day tickets are not available on the bank.

Peter Hunt, Chairman.

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