Fishing the Treowen lakes with the ATTIK

Another successful ‘introduction to Angling’ day.

On May 31st Monmouth and District Angling Society entertained several young ladies from the local youth group, ATTIK, of Monmouth, by providing a hands on introduction to fishing on the club’s waters at Treowen. Fishing the ‘little lake’ they all caught fish for the first time in their lives. All were so keen and attentive that they soon became quite competent at casting, baiting hooks, unhooking and handling the fish they caught. Within a few hours some had caught over twenty fish each. At least one young lady became so hooked on fishing from this her first fishing experience that she now fully intends to purchase her licences and take up the sport in future.

Well that’s what it’s all about and makes it so worthwhile, isn’t it?

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