Fishing Rights on the Lower Wye – The Duke’s Water

The Monmouth and District Angling Society (M&DAS) has leased the coarse fishing rights on the Lower Wye from the Beaufort Estate since the 1960’s. The terms of this lease agree that “No Coarse Fishing shall be undertaken by M&DAS during the local salmon season”. The game fishing rights remained with the Estate under the management of Mr M Timmis the lessee, and in 2010, the Beaufort Estate placed the coarse fishing rights with the game fishing rights under the control of the Salmon Fishing lessee.

In 2015, under a gentleman’s agreement with M Timmis, M&DAS was offered the opportunity to fish the Lower Wye during the salmon season, provided members fished only after 6pm until dusk, and limited their activity to the months of June, July and August. Unfortunately, so many coarse anglers, both members and non-members, attempted to fish outside these times and guidelines, that salmon anglers days were ruined and angry confrontations resulted.

In 2016 M Timmis removed the concession and the details of the change were posted on the M&DAS website. However, many members were unaware of the change and constant infringements continued. The 2017 membership cards and day tickets clearly show the times and dates when coarse fishermen can fish the Lower Wye. Likewise, the dates when coarse fishing this water is NOT permitted are shown.

New signage has been erected at all access points to the Lower Wye repeating this information and as M&DAS is in danger of losing the coarse fishing rights altogether if infringements continue, the club has agreed that any member found fishing this water out of season will be treated as a poacher, evicted from the water and may be prosecuted. M&DAS memberships will not be available in future to any member found breaking these rules.

M&DAS members may coarse fish the “Dukes Water” from 18th October to 2nd March inclusive. Our fishing rights on Lower Wye includes both left and right banks downstream from the Wye road bridge to the confluence of the River Wye with the River Trothy.

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