Opening our Wye Water to Fishing Again.

With some reluctance, because water conditions still remain from ideal, we have decided

to re-open our river waters to fishing again from now.

Although the water temperature has dropped to around 19 degrees C, the water levels and flow rates have not noticeably improved at all. That is to say that water quality is still very poor. Input of pollutants remain unchanged and are less diluted than they would be when flow rates are higher.

Any increase in temperatures will mean we review the situation.

With this in mind we want all our members use their initiative and to fish responsibly which involves the absolute minimum of stress to every fish which entails…

Playing a fish to the net quickly.

Take extra care when handling fish. As little as possible. Returning them to the water in as short as practical time.

Give the fish ample time to recover in moving water before finally releasing them.

No delays with photography.

Unhook a fish in the landing net without removing it from the water whenever possible.

Please report to us, any sick or dead fish you see.

Enjoy your fishing.

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