Bank maintenance needed at Treowen.

We will be organising a work party for bank work and weed clearance on the lakes at Treowen next mid March, before the tench start feeding. No date is fixed yet but I suggest the 19th and 20th seems about right. Would anyone willing to come and help please contact me via this website with your contact details. Most tools can be provided.

All work will have to be carried out sensitively with care for the environment and the owner’s requirements. Muddy patches are appearing in several places to which the owners have expressed their dissatisfaction. Some grass protection mesh is required here.

I used to do the majority of this work myself up til last year. As I approach my 80th birthday I am finding it increasingly difficult, and now, I have developed several long lasting muscle strains, I will have to take more of a back seat. Cutting back a few overhanging small branches is easy enough but dragging out weeds and cutting reeds needs doing regularly at least three times in a season. It is dirty work and takes up to 20 minutes per swim for the first cut of the year.

Last year I left a lighter rake under one of the platforms and many members used this themselves last season. The old heavy rake is not mine and is too heavy to throw very far.

I have caught tench within ten minutes of raking a swim so it is not detrimental to your success.

You will see from these photos’ taken this week, that pegs are becoming overgrown again. Most of is like the ’wilder’ side of Treowen and we don’t want to see things opened up too much but if we don’t keep on top of it there will only be a couple of places left to fish comfortably.

Peter Hunt.


7 thoughts on “Bank maintenance needed at Treowen.

  1. Count me in Peter.regards brian

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