River Wye is open again to existing members.

We have decided to remove the restriction and open our stretch of the Wye again forthwith.

Please be aware that not much has changed with the water conditions in the Wye so the fish will still require careful playing and handling to reduce stress and maintain them in a healthy condition.

Water temperatures have only fallen by one and a half degrees in over a week. This puts it just below the threshold temperature. Water levels are still at drought level and have not risen noticeably so there is no flush fresh water in the system that we had hoped for. The algae bloom continues unabated but we think that this does not cause the fish to suffer. If the algae dies and turns brown it will present a big problem but so far that has not happened. The cooling temperatures and plenty of rain should have raised the dissolved oxygen to safe levels.

So enjoy your fishing again and take care of yourselves and our fish.

Peter Hunt.

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