Idyllic un-fished M and D A S water on the Monnow.

Thos particular M and D A S water of yours is seriously under-fished.

Have you ever you fancied fishing a bit of river that probably has hardly been fished before in a wild pristine environment of peace and tranquility where it is extremely unlikely that you will see another person all day, then have a go up at Pwllholm. The top end of our stretch of the Monnow is through almost impenetrable scrub and woodland and is never fished. It’s yours to discover.

We don’t usually publicise our waters but we pay good money for the fishing rights here and it is seriously under used. The first two pictures show the river below the weir where it is typically shallow and fast. The other pictures show the much slower and deeper water above the weir.

Chub could be seen feeding in the surface layers today and I have caught truly wild trout on maggot or worm in the past but we have very little feedback from the members who fish here on rare occasions so advise is hard to give.

You can fish for trout here before June 16th.

Information on access and parking is available through “further information, contact us” Peter Hunt.

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