Covid 19 and insurance.

Our society’s insurers have made it a requirement that we take certain measures to ensure that safe practices are put in place to cope with the covid 19 risk of infection whilst we are fishing. This involved a risk assessment. Without this our insurance might be invalidated.

Whilst season ticket holders or day ticket members are at any of our waters the following rules must be adhered to.

There is a possibility of contamination with covid 19 virus from actual physical contact with another person, being in close proximity with another person or contact with things that another person has already touched.

First when fishing all members must: –

If any angler or member or his/ her household has or is displaying symptoms of covid 19 they should stay at home and not go fishing.
Until welsh government advises differently members can only fish locally to where they live.
Stay at least 2 metres away from any other person.
Find a place to fish at least 15 metres from another angler.
Carry appropriate hand sanitiser and use it after handling any gate, style or fence on their way to and from the water from a car parking place.
Use hand sanitiser before consuming any food and drink.
Maintain minimal contact with fishing nets etc.
Not get close to another person to talk or transfer items of tackle and bait etc.

Further information is available from   I will try and find some links to the stuff we were discussing the other day to lend more weight to our message.

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