Treowen, March 23rd.





If I have to distance myself from others, what better way to do it.

Two pairs of tufted duck have dropped into the large lake in the last couple of days. A king fisher is back, a family of  four buzzards circling in the blue sky, ravens and all the usual residents, and the fish were obliging.

Fishing the large lake today using corn and worm. A late frost this morning but the water temperature was holding at 10 degrees.

Rudd were almost one per cast but their bites were uncharacteristically a slight and slow indication on the float? Then my first tench of the year. A lanky skinny specimen about 45 cms long.

But no perch today.

What better way to keep my ‘social’ distance. And I had all this beautiful environment to myself all day.

I was the only person fishing there today.

It is not a matter of catching large specimens. So long as something is caught it all seems worthwhile. A bonus even.  A skinny tench put some icing on the cake.

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