Trouble at Treowen.

Our Lake Large lake at Treowen has become a very popular venue recently as its attributes are broadcasted.  Lakesides, fish and the peaceful environment are beginning to suffer as a result.

M & D A S committee members have agreed that we do not want to see this venue’s particularly desirable qualities spoilt.

All members are reminded that publications on social media of club waters together with photographs of specimen fish, is strongly discouraged.

Tackle, rods lines and hooks should be appropriate for the lake. No big carp or barbel rods. No 15lb lines. Barbless hooks only. Respect the environment by leaving the banks and lakeside vegetation as natural as possible.

I cannot believe that I am having to remind or ‘teach’ this to some of our members.

In the short term a restriction is being imposed on the numbers of anglers fishing there. The situation will be monitored.

If necessary, changes in the rules will be proposed and implemented at the next AGM.

There are only 9 places on the Large Lake where it is possible to fish and they do not all offer the same prospect. Some swims are deep and some shallow, some sheltered and some in the open.

When imposing the restriction of a maximum number of members to fish here at any one time, it is not a matter of how many anglers can find a space and fit in, but a matter of limiting the damage to the environment and to the fish, both of which are suffering as a result of the recent popularity of this unique place.

This is not a commercial fishery operating for profit. We are privileged to be allowed to fish on the ponds within Treowen Estate and even the owners have now brought to our attention that they have noticed some of the changes taking place.

The damage to some fishes mouths that I have witnessed recently indicates that some anglers are using inappropriate tackle and not taking nearly enough care of the fish they hook, specially a tench that goes to the weed. Injuries are occurring, some so severe, that the fish will never fully recover and will remain disfigured for life. And it is becoming a common sight. Most time I catch one like this. I caught six tench yesterday, two damaged like this, showing that injured fish are being caught at least once before their injuries heal. Possibly several times.

In some respects this is getting just like some commercial fisheries.

This is just not acceptable. Something has to change.

What can we do?  Comment and have you say.

All members are encouraged to read our rules, articles and news published on our website. This is our preferred means of communicating with our members.

2 thoughts on “Trouble at Treowen.

  1. Whilst this may be contraversial, the damage to the mouths is typical of waters where barbless only hooks are the rules. I used to be a bailiff for RMC/Cemex when Dr Ian Welch (writes in Anglers Mail) was the Fisheries Manager and he insisted that microbarbed hooks were used as they cause less damage especially on larger fish. Barbless are great for silvers, but Carp, Tench, Barbel etc that fight hard get damaged more by barbless hooks as the hooks moves around more during the fight and in some cases jumps out then rehooks which can be where the tears come from. I am no expert but when a Dr in the relevant subject is totally anti barbless I do take note. It might be worth a trial of barbed hooks on this lake only to see if the damage reduces – obviously anglers need the appropriate knowledge/skills to safely remove a barbed hook and should always apply appropriate fish care solutions to any cuts etc.


    1. I was not aware of Dr Welch and his article in Anglers Mail until I read your post and my attempts to find it, or more about the author, on line has drawn a blank.
      I never take things like this at face value because I like to read the evidence myself and follow through the writers logic before I agree or come to my own conclusions. Never the less it is an interesting theory and I would be grateful if you could send me a link to the article.


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