A new season is nearly upon us.

June the 16th is nearly upon us and with the new season on the river Wye starting on a Saturday there could be a lot of peolpe wanting to fish at Hadnock Road. New members should be aware that the difficulties posed by steep bank sides and large shallow areas covered in in weed there are only seven or eight swims accessible to fish. 

New members will also discover that we share these waters with Monmouth Rowing Club and canoeists, sometimes a dozen or more in a group. We know how frustrating this can be.

This coming season the fishing on the right bank, opposite our Hadnock Road stretch, is being is leased by Angling Dreams. This will probably be the first time that our members on the Hadnock Road stretch will have seen anglers fishing from the opposite bank, and, in one place directly oposite. However there must be absolutely no antagonism between our members and clients of Angling Dreams.

Any ungentlemanly behaviour from our members could have a detrimental effect on our good relation with the land owner, and so it will not be tolerated. 

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