Carp pool. Tench lake.

Treowen, Tench Lake.
If a lake deserves being called “The Carp Lake” then Treowen’s large lake should be known as “The Tench Lake”.
Each year the tench fishing gets better but it’s never simple or predictable.
This lake always seems to be a bit of a late starter but once it gets going, it goes on producing tench until autumn.
There seems to be no certain way of catching them from here. One day they can be caught on a boilly, but not any old boilly. Next day on bread flake, and then on corn or maggot. They have even been caught on a king prawn intended to lure a large perch. But the most consistent baits seem to be maggot or corn in three feet of water on the drop off, if you can get past the rudd and perch that is.
Some days they are fizzing bubbles all over the lake but cannot be caught on anything. Other times a bait dropped into the centre of the bubbles brings an immediate response from the bubble blower. More often than not, when you catch a Treowen tench, there are is no bubble activity at all.
Most times, when hooked, your fish’s behaviour will panic all the others and you will wait ages for your next bite then sometimes they will fall one after another in complete oblivion as to what is going on top-side.
One day the tench will fed during the day, then another day they will only feed late in the evening. Sometimes not at all, specially in bright sunny weather. There is no rhyme or reason why their gastronomic behaviour should be so diverse. Except of course, they are tench.

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