Treowen. Access to the Large Lake.

Note the new rod rest fixings.
Easier access.

A lot of work has been done at Treowen lately.

We have tidied up the banks around the carp lake without removing too much cover.
With the help of John Wheelock and his chain saw last year, and this year (2018) we opened up the new path through the woods from the field by the carp lake to the fence by the large lake. This follows higher ground, which is be a lot dryer, and will circumnavigate the bog and difficult stream crossing that was such a hindrance in wet weather. Two new log bridges and a Youngmans Board bridge have been installed across the brooks. This new route follows a new crossing point of the main stream higher up in the woods. The whole path top to bottom is now opened up and widened with low overhanging branches cut off. Even the gate from the top field into the woods can now be opened again. No more climbing over it into the jungle.

We have recently installed a new pedestrian sized gate near the fence Swim where we once had to climb a rickety fence.
Most swims have been kept weed free all season without removing too much weed. The The banks on three sides of this lake have been cut by myself with a petrol strimmer and by Mr John Wheelock, owner, using a tractor powered mower. There is now easy access to ten pitches giving a complete range of swims from shallow to deep, and open areas to sheltered pitches under trees. We have requested that John cuts the grass twice per year instead of once.


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