Treown Lakes proposal.

Last month fisheries officers from Natural Resources Wales meet with Hon’ Sec’ Peter Brundret and treasurer Allan Llewellyn, at Treowen.
At the committee meeting last week, Peter Brundret told us how NRW had come back to us with an offer to net the Brick Kiln carp pond free of charge and remove the stunted rudd and transfer them to the large lake where they will go some way to replacing the stock devastated by predators last winter.
The same offer goes for the little lake but this is fishing very well and, I’m my opinion, should be left as it is.
The problem with Brick Kiln Lake is that there are so many tiny stunted rudd in there that they are not only a nuisance when trying to catch other fish on small or bread baits, but they must be consuming vast quantities of food that would be better used in feeding the carp that this pool is intended for and the few larger roach and rudd that have managed to grow to a respectable size. These little fish are several years old but remain tiny and have consumed just about all the water weed and are starving. They will even attack and attempt to consume pieces of grass or anything small that enters the water. Even a bare hook or shot on your line.
In my view there is just not enough natural food here for all these fish and it is only fair to them that we do something about it.
If NRW were to net these fish we would have the option of returning chosen fish to Brick Kiln Lake or transferring them all to the large lake, or transfer some fish only and NRW would find a good home for the rest.
We are advised that the best time to do this is in September or October.
We are aware that removing all the stunted rudd would be impossible and the situation is likely to revert to the present in several years time.
How we combat the predatory birds next winter is another matter which needs careful consideration.
Your comments on the website or to would be welcome.

Peter Hunt.

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