River Wye. Upper Hadnock Road.

Bank Work.

Unfortunately we have been unable to complete all the bank work at Upper Hadnock Road that we intended to do before the season starts tomorrow.

The path was cleared and weed killed several weeks ago but it soon became overgrown again this time with bracken which has now been cut back again. Some bank slopes have been cut and remain reasonably clear and about three others still need clearing down to the waters edge before propper steps can be put in. At four of the more difficult banks I have put in stout pegs at the top of the bank for a rope to be attached. Bring you own rope.

When cutting the bank weeds today I uncovered several old steps which are on the point of collapsing and are unsafe so please be very carefull if you use them.

We have been able to cut some logs to make the new steps from but still more is needed. Wether we can put steps in all locations remains to be seen.

Work will continue during the following weeks.

The bank top path.

Peter Hunt.

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