Bank work on River Wye, Upper Hadnock Road.

Clear the grass first
First clear the footpath. There are some nasty drop offs here covered by grass.
Strimming at Hadnock Road
Select and uncover the best way down the bank. Some spadework is required now to make some access steps down the bank. Often the old ones from a few years ago have disappeared.

Next stage will be to make steps and a seating area. Once done some places like this need one will need no extra work. Others will.

Old boat
An old salmon anglers boat that has seen better days.
Clear the banks
Then strim the bank to uncover the work area.

This is to let you know how things are progressing. Three committee members have already surveyed the Upper Hadnock Road beat with a view to making extra swims available to part compensate for the loss of summer fishing on Duke’s water. We have cut the grass and identified six places that could be made suitable with a little more work. We have to complete the strimming of a couple of more places and a bit of path. When this is complete we will be asking for volunteers to assist with the ‘spadework’ at a future date before the new season commences.
In the past committee members that have been involved this far and then been let down by other members failing to turn up for a work party. Most of us are in our sixties and seventies, and one is even an octogenarian, with better days behind us so we are now looking for some of the younger and fitter members to get involved and finish it off in the near future. So far a couple of members have expressed their willingness to help, (and many thanks to them), but it is essential that we have some more bodies available for some ‘shovel and spade work’. So please contact us by ‘commenting’ below this post or, better still, by direct email so that we have your contact details.
Peter Hunt.


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