Treowen wakes up at last.

The notoriously late starting ‘large lake’ at Treowen was woken up in good style today by gentleman angler  and        M & D A S committee member Anthony ‘Anto’ Roberts from Monmouth.

Fishing a legered boilie Anto landed four splendid, very dark  tench of 4,1/2, 4,3/4, 5,1/4 and 6 lbs. His 5th fish slipped the hook just short of the net.

All fish were females but none carrying much spawn so they were all true specimen fish. The 6 pounder is a P B for  Anto and perhaps the same for the lake. Unless you can tell us differently.

These tench were only introduced into this lake in 2008 as fingerlings so there must be something in here that suits them very well. Assuming that it continues to suit them, how big will they grow?

More pictures to follow.

Peter Hunt.

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