Upper Hadnock Road.

Bank access. Improvements and maintenance programmes.

Hadnock Road.

Some M&DAS committee members are to go to Upper Hadnock Road next Tuesday, 2nd May, to pick out fishing places that are in need of renovation and to make some new ones in preparation for a work party at a later date. Subject to weather, and river levels remaining normal, on Tuesday we will be strimming the grass and weeds only so that we can evaluate the work and materials required later.

Later we will wellcome some extra volunteers to assist us in completing the job.

All the finished work will have to meet the requirements of NRW and which takes into account that we are in a AONB and SSSI area.

Treowen Large Lake.

The committee has approached the owners who have agreed that access to the bottom lake from the field below the carp pond needs to be improved. Yesterday Mr Richard Wheelock said that they intended to make a new bridge across the brook in the wood higher and up nearer to the gate and then remove some fallen trees and cut some branches so that we can a new route and avoid the bog on the present path.

The writer offered assistance from club members if required.

Peter Hunt

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